25 to Life

A few weeks ago, The Shade Room posted a question asking their followers "You only have $25, tell us what you'd do? Date or no date". The responses varied and people even began to share that some of the best dates that they have been on weren't expensive or fancy by any means. So this got me to thinking... What is the purpose of a date or dating? In my opinion, it is a time when two individuals spend time getting to know one another, seeing how the other behaves in certain situations and sharing intimate moments with one another.

Of course, the style of date is different for different types of people and the different levels they may be on as a couple. I've broken down some inexpensive date ideas for couples on a First Date, couples who are Dating, and couples in a Serious Relationship. (Warning I’m gonna say Groupon a lot)

First Date

I would always suggest meeting at a public place for any first date (Just in case the person is looney). It is a safety precaution, yes, but it also serves as neutral ground for the two of you. Many of the ideas below could work for the other couples as well but I shared them as first date options because they offer the security of being in a public.

Happy Hour

This is always a go-to idea for inexpensive cocktails and great conversation.

If you are planning the date, this shows effort on your part. Pack some snacks and create an unforgettable set-up.

Go For a Run and Get Smoothies

Running in the park is free, make it a competition, winner picks the smoothie shop!

Take a Class

Whether it be kickboxing, paint and sip, or salsa dancing; believe me, there's a Groupon for it!

Study together

Being busy with school leaves little time for dating or free time. Grab a coffee and meet at the library


Connect with each other by giving back to a meaningful cause. 

Movies in the Park

Dinner and a movie is overrated. When the weather permits, get some popcorn and wine and pick a keyword to get boozy when you hear it said in the movie.

Go on a Tour

Plan a tour of a distillery, city monument, or a photo scavenger hunt! (You guessed it, grab a Groupon)


FullSizeRender (11).jpg


(Been on dates before or date regularly)

Fastfood and Car Rides (Explore the city)

Hit the drive-thru and ride around the city! 

Game Night

It's always fun to compete; talk smack and make some bets!

Outdoor Festival

There is always a festival happening somewhere. Check your city's events for the month and plan ahead.


Embarrass yourself by belting out some of your fave songs in front of the bar!

Pick Each Other's Brain

Play a game of 20 questions! Spark some deep conversations and learn more about each other.

Go Local

There are always specials at your local arcade or pool hall. Tap into your inner kid and play a few games

Change the Scenery (Aquarium, zoo, or Museum)

Places like the Aquarium always have free days for city residents. Check ahead and plan a day of culture

Grab Something Sweet

Whether it be ice cream, shaved ice, or even Cinnabon. Definitely under $25 and who would turn down a sweet treat.



Serious Relationship

 (Relationship/ Marriage, comfortable around one another)

Cooking Challenge

Get your ingredients ready and start your own at home Iron Chef competition!

Living Room Camping

Build a fort or pitch a tent have an indoor camping trip

Couples Massage

Skip the Spa, and pull out the essential oils. You and Bae can take turns working out each other's kinks!

Order Takeout and binge on a show

Let's go back to when Netflix and Chill was heavy on the chill! Pig out and enjoy each other's company.

Have a Photo Shoot

Pick a great place with awesome views and set up the self-timer for a full-on photo-op

People Watch

Pop a squat in a park or the mall and have fun making up scenarios about the people in passing.

Go Food Truck Hunting

Have some fun hunting down some new food trucks to try or even get the schedule for your favorite one

Watch the Sunset and Talk About the Future

Drive to the beach and catch the sun in action while talking about future plans and goals

Create a Scavenger Hunt

There are many fun scavenger hunts that couples would enjoy. There's even a cool Target Date Night Scavenger Hunt! Everyone loves Target!