Adventure for 1 Please

There is an adventure in finding yourself and making time in your busy life to do things solely for YOU! It's not selfish to want to be alone; it's necessary! If you follow me on Snapchat, hopefully, you were able to catch my little chat about the power of our attitude. It's up to us to #TakeBackOurJoy and tap into our inner success and positivity. I find it easier to combat my day to day woes by dedicating time to just myself! Here are 10 ways that I enjoy my alone time and how you can too!


Say No
Being a social-lite is great, but sometimes it comes at the cost of personal goals. How many times have you set out to finally finish the book you've been reading but your homegirl calls to invite you to happy hour and your're like "I'm there". It's okay to turn down an invitation to honor the plans that you made for yourself! There will be other outings!

Make yourself Breakfast
This may seem small, but when has anyone turned down breakfast. Get all your fave ingredients and make breakfast for yourself. Make it an experience, set the table, open the blinds, and make yourself the V.I.P guest!

Reflect on your Most Recent Thread of Feelings
Taking time to reflect is so important. How have you been feeling lately? Have you noticed a pattern? Are they negative or positive? By reflecting on your feelings you may discover that there are some things you may need to let go of, some people you need to forgive, and some negativity that you need to cleanse yourself of. Reflection is a crucial part of learning ourselves!

Write a List of your Strengths and Weaknesses
If you know me, then you know that I am a lover of lists! I will jot everything down. I often list the ways in which I can grow both professionally and personally. Identifying your strengths and weaknesses can open the door for so much growth! After we take notice to our gifts and shortcomings, we are able to set reachable goals and obtain them!

Binge on a Netflix series
Once in a while, it's just great to let the T.V do all the work while you bum out to a new Netflix series. Change into some comfy PJs, pig out on some snacks, and don't get embarrassed when Netflix checks to see if you're still watching, look at it as a sign of endearment!

Move your body
A favorite activity of mine is dance! Dancing is therapeutic and it's a fun way to let off some steam. Taking a class is great but when I truly want to have some alone time, I shamelessly let loose in front of the mirror! Turn the music up and Dance like Nobody's Watching!

Go For a Walk
By me living in a new area, I find myself taking a stroll around the neighborhood and in the nearby parks. I let my thoughts run rapid and I sometimes speak aloud in response to my thoughts. If going for a walk in your area isn't an option, try going to a museum, local market, or gym to stroll around and think. I'm telling you, it works!

People Watch (bring a notebook)
Before there were apps like Instagram and Facebook, there were activities like People Watching. This is an opportunity to create alone time in a public place by simply watching the behaviors of the people around us. I draw so much inspiration from watching all the different types of people going and coming and zoning in on what draws my eye in a crowd. You can do this on your lunch breaks to interestingly pass the time.

Commune with God (show gratitude)
Having a designated time to meditate and commune with God is Vital! It is important for us to show gratitude for the great things that are happening in our lives even if we can only think of a few! Connecting to the power source allows us to recharge and face the world with a new spirit!

Treat Yourself
We often remind ourselves to send a card to this person and buy a gift for that person but we usually don't make it a point to treat ourselves. Buy yourself a new piece of home decor or treat yourself to a cocktail. You're worth it!

Leilani Howell