Catch Me There

Most people love to brag and stunt about how much money they spend when they shop (especially on social media). Me on the other hand, I get an unexplainable joy when I'm able to tell my friends about how much I saved here, and what sale I caught there. Balling on a Budget is my thing! Catch me at your nearest Happy Hour or at any BOGO (Buy One Get One) event. Trust me I'll be there with bells on. 

When it comes to day to day shopping like groceries, toiletries, food, decor, and novelty items, I frequent the same 8 stores all the time. I even divided them into groups and days to visit based on what stores are closest to one another. Oh no, I don't have time to play!

Trip #1

If you follow me on Snapchat, you may already know that Dollar Tree is my spot! At one location, the staff even know me by name. You can find some of EVERYTHING there and most locations carry name brand products now. You can catch me in the seasonal decor aisle, book aisle, and cleaning product aisle. 


Before I even go inside Dollar Tree, I make it a point to park in front of  Michaels because I know I'm gonna hit them up as soon as I leave the dollar store. I LOVE MICHAELS!!! Now, I'll have you know, it takes a great deal of restraint to shop there. I come armed with my coupons (which are usually 40% off or more) and I have to yell at my self to put things back that I know I don't need (no I really do talk to myself). You can catch me in the sticker and scrapbooking aisle, paint aisle, and the $1 impulse area near the cashier.

Trip #2

When I'm feeling good, after I've paid all of my bills ("after" is key), I'm heading to Target. Now let me preface this by saying, there is a difference between Target trips when you live at home and Target trips when you're adulting. Now my trips consist of a lot of negotiating between my responsible self and my "Just throw it in the bag" self. Make sure that if you shop Target to get the cartwheel app to get the discounts as they roll in! You can catch me in the impulse aisle when you first enter, all the toiletry and beauty aisles, stationary/home office aisle and home decor aisle.


One of the Target locations I frequent is inside of the mall. "What's in the mall Leilani?" I'm glad you asked, Typo is inside the mall. It has quickly become a fave of mine since my move to Houston. They have some of the best stationary and novelty items ever and they are super affordable. Most days are 30 % off and each change of the season means BOGO sale! You can catch me aimlessly wandering the entire store for yet another notebook while my boyfriend holds my hand to keep me from spending too much!

Trip #3

"Is it on the list Leilani?" Is what the nearby shoppers hear me ask myself as I add random affirmation canvases to my cart in Home Goods! Because most of the things you find here are one-off, I grab now and put back later. My local Marshalls was completely renovated and expanded to house both stores inside and the product is marked down and overflowing! On the Marshalls side, you can catch me grabbing some essential oils and aromatherapy goodies and on the Homegoods side, you can catch me zig-zagging through every aisle knowing damn well I already have what I came for.

Trip #4

Every single Sunday I'm at the kiosk in Whole Foods printing out coupons and recipe ideas. My goal is to buy all Whole Compliant foods by the end of 2019 (fingers crossed). I think I'm the only one of my friends who actually enjoys grocery shopping. You can catch me at the meat and seafood counter, at the self-serve buffet, and the bakery stand.


Since Sundays are made for church and weekday prep, I have to hit all my grocery stores before the day ends. After I leave Whole Foods I have to head across the street to Trader Joe's. For some reason, people think that they have to spend an arm and a leg to shop there which is FALSE! You can catch me in every single aisle from the freshly squeezed juice to the organic produce area.

Now that you know where to catch me, I hope that I can catch you there too. Let's all ball on a budget this week! If you go to any of the above-mentioned places, share your pics with the hashtag #CatchMeWithLei on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook