Cocktail Hour

Before we get started this week, I wanted to extend an apology to you guys. I have been sharing my fave places, tips, and words of inspiration with you all and I have yet to invite you over for cocktails! How rude of me!

Consider this article as a chance to let your hair down, take your bra off, and enjoy some delicious Fall cocktails with friends!

First on the menu is Autumn Breeze! My delicious take on the classic Sangria. Yes, there's still wine in this recipe but I chose to use pears in exchange for the apples. Bartlette pears are really soft and sweet and add a more rich flavor to the mixture!

The wine of choice is a heavy noted Pinot Noir! Most summer Sangrias use either a light white wine or a fruity flavored red. I chose this wine because of its rich flavor and I am pairing it with a lemonade to allow the lemon to enhance the taste!

So grab a pitcher, mix your ingredients, then pour and pass! No further instructions needed!

Adobe Spark.jpg

Next on the menu is That Brown Car! This is my take on the already delish Sidecar cocktail. Beware, although it is yummers, it packs some punch!

In a small saucepan, bring water to a boil. Add sugar, pure vanilla extract, and a muddled pear. Stir on low heat until the mixture becomes a syrup. Remove from stove to cool (set aside). In a shaker, add ice, your cognac of choice, and your syrup (once cooled). Shake until chilled. Add mixture into a Martini glass and top with fresh lemon juice and sliced pear for garnish!


Are you feeling the drink? Are you catching the Autumn Breeze in That Brown Car? Sorry I get a little corny when I drink!!! 

I hope you guys found these recipes easy to follow and even more easy to enjoy! Don't forget to connect with me via Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and be sure to share your results