Buy Black Assessment

As of recent many companies that we patron routinely, have been under our racial microscope for subjectively insensitive advertisements. Because of this, many people of color have turned to boycotting the companies and their products and scrambling to find Black Owned companies to fill the void. I find this to be not only sad but ultimately an insult to the successful business run by people of color. We are sending the message that they are only needed when our regular-degular (in my Cardi B voice) sources act up, which isn't cool! BOBs aren't supposed to be the sidechicks to big boxed brands; they deserve full-time love!


When all this was occurring, I wanted to figure out a way for us as people of color to take inventory of our homes, purses, and backpacks to see how much of what we use regularly is purchased from companies that were black-owned. I have created an easy to use 3-point assessment for us to check our inventory.

Each area of our homes requires different products and items to make them complete.

Using the 3 point system:

  • Add 1 point if you have an item in this room or space that was purchased from a black-owned business
  • Add 1 point if this item is replenishable or is purchased based on consumption (example: dish soap, paper goods, shampoo, etc.)
  • Add 1 point if the item is a big ticket item (example: expensive in price and/or appliance, furniture, installation, or commissioned art)

*maximum points per area is 2 points for a perfect score of 10 ( 1 point for having the item and 1 point for the type of item) 

Are you ready? To be honest I wasn't! I could imagine that I’m not the only one, so I’ll help US out and provide some help so we can get these points up, up, up!!!

Closet: Are any of your clothing articles created by or bought from a black-owned business? No? Click the link and get your points up!

(I scored 1 point)

Living/ Dining Room: Artwork, candles, furniture, or decor from a BOB; How bout' now? (drizzy voice) No? Click, click, click!

(I scored 1 point)

Kitchen/ Pantry: Food or drink and cleaning/organizational items! You know the drill!

* Whole Food's has a ton of items created by BOBs

(I scored 2 points)

Bedroom: Bedding, artwork, and decor!

(I scored 0 points)

Bathroom: Cleaning/organizational items, toiletries, hair, skin, linen, and decor!

*Target has a ton of bath and body products made by BOBs

(I scored 2 points)

My goal for this assessment was to shed light on how easily we could support businesses owned by our own and create lasting companies just through purchasing basic items that we use on a daily basis. Most BOB's don't last as long as big box companies simply because they don't have our constant support. I am guilty as well! 

Going forward I want to provide more information on where such items can be purchased and hopefully urge you to do more research as well! If you want to share any suggestions on Black-Owned Businesses to support and where to find them, comment below, or connect me on social media: Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter using #LetLeiBeLei and #BuyBlackAssessment