5 Things to Bring to Thanksgiving Dinner

If your family's Thanksgiving dinner is anything like mine, then you probably have set members of the family making and bringing certain dishes. Like my mom is known for her sour cream pound cake and my dad makes his famous thinly sliced sweet potatoes. No one would dare to bring those dishes to our house because they already know, it's handled!


With that being said, what do you bring when you're invited to someone's house for the holidays? You don't want to make the mistake of bringing the dish that is highly anticipated and is famously made by someone else because you'll definitely hear “who made the other pan of macaroni?” all evening and we don't want that to happen!!!

To avoid this, always ask the person who extended the invitation “What else is needed?” before you start buying your ingredients. Then after that's squared away; Here are 5 Things to Bring to Thanksgiving Dinner this year:

A Cocktail or Punch

There can never be enough booze on the holidays. This is probably the one thing that no one would question. It's the easiest way to make a lasting memory on the surrogate fam!

Paper Goods

Plates, paper towels, plastic utensils and other disposable goods will always be appreciated. Even if they aren't used on that day, I'm sure the host will be happy to have the extra for replenishment.


Shake up the day! To avoid awkward conversation about politics, exes, and the latest family drama, break out the 

A Tasty Treat (that is not on the menu)

Don't even think about bringing the sweet potato pie, I'm certain someones already on it. Go for a caramel apple cookie or apple crisp shortbread bars!


With all the chaos of family fun and food, it would be nice of you to simply lend a helping hand. See what needs to be done, roll up your sleeves and help out!