Be Our Guest

Since relocating from Chicago to Houston, I have been blessed to have some of the best guests to visit me! What makes a guest great? I'm glad you asked! Here are 7 tiny tips for being the best guest that a host can have!

Keep your space clean

Whatever space that you occupy, make sure that you leave it cleaner than how you found it

Schedule a time that works for them

Remember that you're on vacation not them, make sure that you're not just dropping in inconveniently

Respect the bedtimes of the host

If the house is shutting down and lights are turning off, that's your cue to head to your guest space for the night

Offer to cook or buy a meal

Although your host friends or family may have things planned for your stay, it's always nice to pay for one of the meals or prepare something tasty as a thank you

Don’t overstay your welcome

While the host may love your company, at some point you'll have to leave so they can return to their regular schedule

Always plan to stay at a hotel (unless clearly invited)

Upon making the decision to go and visit friends and family, always assume that you'll need a hotel

Send a note after your stay

Always, always send a thank you message to the host to show your gratitude for their hospitality

I hope that you found these tiny tips helpful for your future holiday visits with your friends and family!