On the Other Side


There are so many things in life that we are unsure of. What does tomorrow hold? Will my life’s goals be met? But, there is one thing that is for certain, change is inevitable! Even though we don’t know what tomorrow is going to bring, we know that we can’t stop it from coming. It can be scary, exciting, and sometimes debilitating. The best thing to do when change makes you hesitant and anxious is to MOVE ANYWAY!

Baby's have to leave the womb of their mothers in order to grow into a fully functioning human being and just imagine how comfortable they must feel in there. Routine breeds comfort and comfort is on the familiar side of your journey. Change provides you the opportunity to highlight your core issues, address them, and take the necessary steps to not recreate the same issues.


Fear is an internalized signal that lets your body know to prepare to take action. One of my unspoken rules is to never say “No” to a task, performance, or project because I’m scared. You could imagine that because of this, I find myself second guessing my abilities and shamefully self-sabotaging certain opportunities, which sucks. There are consequences to letting your fear haunt your change.

On the Other Side

In new spaces, you will learn so much about yourself. How do you react to change? Do you give up easily? Do you face change emotionally or strategically? How do you cope with pain? When you pay attention to your behaviors in response to change you will start to see where your weaknesses lie and how strong you could become once the fear subsides.

Take Action

We have to pull the weeds of doubt, self-degradation, and complacency and fertilize our plans for success.

While in the midst of change:

  1. Move in the direction of change
    • Things can happen without warning and once they do, we have the choice to stand still or take action
  2. Learn what inspires you
    • Cling to the things that motivate you and get you ready to handle any situation
  3. Learn what triggers your major emotions
    • Assess your behavioral pattern. What brings you joy? What brings you stress? What enrages you?
  4. Learn the anecdotes
    • Learn how to remove yourself from negative spaces and uplift yourself in uncontrollable situations
  5. See your shortcomings as a blessing
    • The areas that you lack in will aid in your success just change your perspective
  6. Separate yourself
    • Reduce time spent with people that don't supplement your development
  7. Power hour
    • Dedicate a set block of time every day to complete a task or accomplish a goal
  8. Change what you consume
    • Is what you consume parallel to your goals (What you watch, read, and repeat)
  9. Celebrate the good
    • A win is a win no matter how big or small 
  10. Be the person that you would love to meet
    • In moments when you feel indifferent, ask yourself  "Would I want to meet me right now?"
  11. Set realistic and measurable goals
    • List your goals and create plans with measurable dates of completion