Excuse Free Me

When starting the new year, It is easy to get overwhelmed with ideas, vision boards, and far out resolutions! We can let our mind create these unrealistic goals and meanwhile we have no concrete plans as to how we're going to make them happen. I don't want this to be us this year! Together, let's list our goals and begin to peel away at all the things that will allow us bring them to life!


To be able to better explain this process, I'll share with you one of my professional goals for 2018. 

First, Identify your goals (big or small)

Ex. I want to expand the digital presence of my brand

Identifying my goal allows me to have a home base that I can always refer to. This means that the majority of the activities I participate in should be centered around my goal.

From there I can peel back the layers to this goal to create a task that leads me in that direction.

Ex. Because I want to expand the digital presence of my brand, I'll need to create more shareable and relatable content on a consistent basis

So from the home base (your goal), you are able to identify the next step (the main task). Some of us may be able to stop here and begin setting timelines for the completion of the goal but if your goal is like mine, you can continue to peel away at it.

Ex. Because my main task is to create more shareable and relatable content on a consistent basis, I need to create a social media strategy plan to measure my growth.

Make the goal, create the main task, and plan out your steps. It seems like alot, but, it will ensure that you are being intentional in the approach to your goals. So naturally, the next step is to schedule your new goal and tasks into your lifestyle. This will have a large impact on the outcome of achieving your goal.

Ex. Now that I have created a social media strategy plan to measure my growth, I'm going to produce content Saturday and Sunday from 7 am to noon (my free time) so that I can have all my work done before the coming week.

To be intentional is to set aside time to see that your tasks are completed. This is no different than your manager at your job creating a schedule according to the workload for the quarter. By blocking off this time to actually work on your goals, you are declaring that this task is important and should hold its on space in your weekly routine and calendar.



We have probably all heard the term S.M.A.R.T Goals (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timely), well this is my take on making sure I'm not just dreaming but, that I am putting my dreams on paper and planning out the steps I need to take to see them through!

I hope this helps you live the life you dream of for 2018 and beyond!