Obsessed Isn't the Word!

I am overly obsessed 

with street art! The majority of my adventures are based on sight seeing cool art installations and murals. 

The best way to explore a new city or place is to browse the art scene. I love researching the top 10 most popular murals in a town and checking out it's most famous art installations. It's one of the coolest ways to get out of the house or hotel room and explore without having solid plans in place. Most of the time when I type these destinations into my GPS, I usually end up having a full day of fun! From seeing the mural I set out to visit, I usually  end up stumbling upon a cool bar, restaurant, park, or other cool locations to add to my list of places to try.  

Although the art itself

draws you in with its color, depth of range, and theme, the thing I like most about street art is the location the artist chooses to create it in!

I feel that the canvas and location in which the artwork is displayed is one of the most important aspects of the art itself. From a little known alley entrance to a large building seen from the expressway, the location can make the mural pop even more! You should see how my eyes light up when I'm riding along the street passing basic building after basic building then (BOOM) my eyes go into art mode! It's like a little surprise to your senses. If I am alone or with the right people, seeing an unexpected mural is grounds for an impromptu photo-op! That moment is now captured by photo and when either of you ride past that place again you have a lasting memory to share for years to come.