Mi Casa, Tea Casa

If you have seen any of my snap chat or Instagram stories, then you probably already recognize this place from my very frequent trips throughout the week! Allow me to formally introduce, The Happy Tea House and Cafe!

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Happy Tea House and Cafe has quickly become a part of my life here in Houston! From one religious visit after another, going in for a smoothie twice a week became my new normal. They offer a variety of teas, smoothies, frappuccinos, and slushies in a ton of flavors. My go to flavors are Grape Champagne and Strawberry Lime Slushie which are both delish! One day I'll be brave enough to try a new flavor but until then, I'll stick to my top choices.

In addition to super awesome drink options, the tea house also serves up some pretty tasty food! The majority of the menu offers Traditional Asian dishes such as fried rice, egg rolls, and Vietnamese sandwiches but, if you're more of a french fry and chicken nuggets type of person then don't worry, they have you covered with their "Snack Items" menu. My favorite tea house snack is the spiral cut potato which is a newly added dish that is even better than the ones at the rodeo!

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Not only are there great food and drink options, but there is also a dope little gaming corner dedicated to the kid inside of you. You can choose from foosball, air hockey, and pool for a flat rate of $10 for 2 hours of games. On my first visit to the tea house last year, I was ready to take on any and everyone on the foosball table. Now that I've been defeated on a regular basis, I humbly take my seat to watch as others try their luck at the table! 

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The Happy Tea House and Cafe is located on Westheimer and Dunvale in Houston, Texas. Their beverages start at $2.99 and nothing is over ten bucks! They offer free WiFi and late hours which are perfect for students or those who work remotely and need a new space to occupy. Don't let the strip mall style location fool you, I definitely deem this cafe 5-stars across the board. Be sure to give it a try and let me know what you think!