Me Time: Fizz Nail Lounge

What do you like to do to unwind? What do you do when you want to spend time with just YOURSELF? Me Time! Well in this article (and many coming soon) I will share with you ways to honor yourself, unwind, and pour into YOU!


I had a 3-day weekend this past week and I immediately thought "Finally some Me Time". I scheduled a Pedicure appointment at Fizz Nail Lounge and headed there within the hour! One of my favorite things to do when I dedicate time to myself is to have a pampering session!


The customer service started before I entered the building. I was sent an appointment confirmation text before I even hung up the phone. Although this visit was my third one, I'm always in awe of the decor each moment I enter the salon. The aesthetics send a clear message that this experience will be luxurious.


By the decor alone I'm already at peace and starting to unwind. They offer an array of services from your head to your toe (literally). I opted for the Fizz Pedicure so that I could enjoy reading my book without interruption from getting a manicure. To create the full experience they invite their guests to indulge in complimentary wine, mimosa, and/or water. Of course, my choice was mimosa and I made the right choice because they were delish!


I've got my book, my mimosas, and an intense foot massage all happening at once and I'm in heaven! At the most basic (inexpensive) level of a pedicure, I received a salt scrub, hot oil massage, and a warm towel treatment (total $32). I love it here because the staff is very sanitary and they take very close care of each guest. I've been 3 times and I'm always encouraged to stay and enjoy my book after my nails are dried. All recipes for the ultimate "Me Time" 


I hope you are encouraged to take some time to yourself just to breathe your own air! It may be at a spa, or at a cafe, maybe a walk in your park, but I challenge YOU to put "Me Time" on your to-do list this week