It's a Party!

Everyone loves to have a bomb party, but not everyone is able to execute them properly.There’s so much that goes into planning a seamless event that many novice planners often ignore. I’ve been so blessed to learn from the best of the best in the event planning industry and there is an overarching theme when it comes to executing a flawless party and that is the FEELING! How do you want your invited guest to feel at your event? How do you want the host feel? What is the overall feeling being projected? These questions should all be answered before any planning begins and they should be used as a guiding basis for any future decisions in the planning process!

I’ll take you through some easy to follow tips and steps to consider when planning a party that will be remembered for years to come!

  1. Secure a Date

    • Before you can plan any intricate details of your party, shoot for a date. If it makes you feel better, make sure that the people like your besties or your favorite cousin can make it before settling in on the date. Ultimately, you want to make sure the people that will make the night great are in attendance!

  2. Establish a Budget

    • Narrow in on how much you want to spend and how much you refuse to go over. This will help center your other choices and show you where you have wiggle room to spend in other areas. Never move without a budget! 

  3. Secure the Venue

    • This needs to take place as soon as possible after creating your budget

    • Home: You have the homecourt advantage by having your event at home! You know what you have to work with and what things need to be attained before your party! Having it at home also allows for more room in your budget for things such as decor, food, rentals etc. I would recommend this option if your home is suitable for guest and your budget is under $500

    • Off-site: Having your party offsite requires many elements of planning including, negotiation, drink and beverage taxes, catering restrictions, site inspections, and constant connection with the venue manager. If your budget is larger and you want to be able to enjoy your event and come home after, this is for you. It is also great if you hire an event planner or a site manager to handle all the many details associated with the space.

  4. Create Guestlist

    • Who's all coming? Make sure that the invite goes out 4 to 3 weeks prior to your party. This gives your guest enough time to respond. This will also give you can a rough headcount that can help you know how much food to order or how many party gifts to purchase. Tip* make sure that you keep the venue's guest capacity in mind when setting the guest list. This will help to determine whether your event will be a plus one event or not.

  5. Plan the Details

    • With your theme and goal in mind, You can now start the fun part!

    • Decor: I would suggest creating a mood board to channel the inspiration for your decor. Whether it be a Pinterest board, cut-outs from a magazine, or an album on your phone of screenshots from internet searches. Also, go for cost-effective ideas or DIY projects before you head out to make large purchases. Many of the crafty projects can be saved for the 2 weeks and under mark of your planning schedule.

    • Entertainment: Will there be a DJ, a performer, games? The choice is yours. Just keep in mind if you are hiring someone, make sure to secure them as soon as possible!

    • Food: While a plated dinner is super luxe, buffet style dining may be the easiest and most cost effective of the two. When choosing a plated service, you usually pay per plate so your head count needs to be as spot on as possible. Buffet style is great for any party whether at home or off-site because the food is prepared with enough food to feed all guest at least twice. Tip* For parties thrown at home, have someone designated to serve the food. This helps to manage how much food each guest receives because you never want to host an event and run out of food.

    • Party Favors: Whether it be loot bags, shot glasses, or a sweet treat, parting gifts are a must! I see them as the icing on the cake that ties in all the elements of the party and continues the FEELING of the party even after the guest have left!