Posh Living on Petty Pennies (Intro)

I get a toooonnnnnnn of comments saying “ you're living your best life” or “ I wish I can live like you” and quite honestly, it makes me a tad uncomfortable because I’M ON A BUDGET LIKE THE REST OF THE WORLD! Granted, I have always loved luxury experiences, but I in no way believe that you should go broke trying to live the luxurious life!.

With that being said, I've been taking the time to pay very close attention to my daily rituals, the apps I use, the way I shop and how I remain educated on new places and experiences. I did this so it can be easier for me to share with you just how I am able to live the posh life and only spend petty pennies! I set out to share this with you in one article, but it’s so many different levels to this life that cramming it into one article wouldn’t do it any justice. So consider this the intro to my new monthly series Posh Living on Petty Pennies!!!

In this series I will share with you:


If you didn't know, I use a ton of apps! Most aid in the many activities that you see me indulge in via social media. Get to know what apps I use to help me maintain luxury while leaving money in my wallet


The way in which you live and the routines you practice ultimately shape and create your lifestyle. Find out what lifestyle standards and habits contribute to the posh life


I read so much you guys and this is how I find all the coolest places! In this segment, I’ll share what publications and platforms help me to stay in the know on the happenings of the city


There are so many subscriptions to navigate out there on the world wide web, that it came be overwhelming. I’ll help to narrow down the best subscriptions that make life easier and much more lavish


We all love buying new things, right? But most times we deny ourselves because the things we want aren’t in out budget. I will show you how I monitor sales, the very careful order in which I shop, and when to wait vs.buy. This will honestly be the longest  focus of the segment and probably the most informative!


Say D.I.Y 5 times fast!!! Home decor is such a love of mine; from Ikea hacks and upcycling, to dumpster diving and off-price department stores. Get the full breakdown on ways to make your home feel like home without breaking the bank

And More…

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