Sister Code

I've never been the girl that got offended when someone let me know my slip was showing or that I had tissue stuck to my shoe. To be honest, I would instantly feel the love because most of the time it would be a fellow sister in the form of a stranger. There is something about knowing that you have someone looking out for you when your besties aren't around.

Before the feminist era, there was the sisterhood of the girls in the nightclub restroom; complementing one another, signaling for her to get the lipstick off her teeth, and even helping to zip her body suit up after she's practically undressed just to use the toilet. I wish we could always be those girls. In this world of the reality show, drink throwing, drama, and who wore it better; what if we just simply looked out for each other.

Let’s channel our inner nightclub bathroom sisterhood and give each other the comradery we deserve

Fan her Flames

This is so simple! When you see a woman styling and shining, shining, shining, shining yaaaaa, COMPLEMENT HER! You know that winged liner took her forever, tell her she’s killing it and watch her face just light up!

Tuck my Tag

I don’t know about you, but I hate when I’m out somewhere and I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and I notice my track is showing or my tag is hanging from my dress. Like, no one thought to tell me? Pull me to the side and tuck my tag. Don’t let me walk around all night looking like I’m going to return my dress later (even if that’s my plan)

Look for Signs

There are so many people with ill intentions out in the world, some are creeps and some just won’t take the polite rejection. When you see a girl in an uncomfortable situation, don’t hesitate to hit her with a “You ready to go?” just to make sure she’s good! You never know what that little question could have prevented.

Keep One On Ya

I love being able to help a sister in need by having an extra tampon or panty liner to lend them during an emergency! Drop an extra one in your purse and save a life!


Okay, how many times have you asked someone how they were doing and instead of giving the standard “good, and you?” they belt out all their issues from their morning to their night. I know it always catches you off guard, but listen to her! As random as it may be, she probably has been holding that in all day and you were the first person to actually let her rant.

Take Out The Trash

Throwing dirt on someone else's name shouldn’t bring you joy. Dead the rumors and spread the positivity!

Whether it's being the wing woman, helping her construct the perfect text to her crush or reminding her of the queen she is when she’s having a rough one, just be there. I’ve had some pretty awesome conversations with the woman in the dressing rooms that I would never ever see again and I always walk away wanting the best for them. We have to get back to that! Honoring the Sister Code and killing the catty woman myths with each act of kindness!