Take me Back to Chicago

If you haven’t learned by now I am from Chicago; Born and raised and I’m so happy for any opportunity that I get to come home! From hanging with family and visiting my old stomping grounds to visiting my favorite Chicago grub spots and trying some new ones too it’s never a dull moment. But, what I’m finding on my visits is that there is never enough time to do it all. I can’t see everyone and go everywhere and if I attempt to, I’m exhausted! I had to accept that coming home will never be the same as living there! In fact, I feel like I need a vacation after making that trip. My most recent trip home was as close stress-free as I can make it and that’s because there was a time slot for everything! Yes, everything!

February 2nd

Because this was my boyfriend’s first ever visit to my home city, I wanted it to be extra special. Also, it was a pretty big deal seeing as though I have never brought anyone home to “meet the family”. This is also the first trip home where my best friends and I would be in Chicago at the same time in over 3 years.

We arrived in Chicago around 1 am Saturday morning and I was beyond tired. I could have headed straight to bed, but instead, I stayed up to enjoy conversation with my parents and get a tour of all the new changes they’ve made to the house since I’ve been gone.

In the early afternoon, after some much-needed rest, it was time to get moving. Marc and I drove through my old neighborhoods as I showed him the many places I’ve shared with him in stories. The first official stop was to my favorite mega beauty supply to stock up on head wraps, brushes, oils, and all my hair must-haves!

I had to bring Marc to the famous Portillo's for an Italian Beef Sandwich as the first stop for food!

IMG_7378 (1).jpg

I later got to enjoy spending time with family and friends at a get to together at my parent's house. We enjoyed great food, drinks, and long overdue conversation. My family even got to grill Marc on every topic under the sun and I know they loved that hahaha!

Later that night we checked into our Airbnb apartment and it was way better than the pictures online.

February 3rd

I had the pleasure of attending the gender reveal brunch of my favorite couple! I was very hopeful that they would have a boy and guess what? That’s what they are having! It was my first ever gender reveal and it was so emotionally fulfilling to be a part of their journey to parenthood!


Later that afternoon, we indulged in some Michigan Ave. shopping. It was so cold, but I didn’t even mind it, I was happy to be home!

I wish I could have done more exploring, but after shopping, it was time for my best friends birthday celebration. We got the chance to try a new restaurant and participate in the Chicago Restaurant Week Menu offerings. We dined at Earl’s Kitchen at New City Plaza! The decor was impressive and the food was good. Also the area was filled with a ton of restaurants that I put on the list for my next visit home. If you live in the Chicago area, I recommend visiting on an empty stomach!


After dinner, it was time to party! Because I despise going to clubs, I was a tad nervous for this portion of the night. We go the party started at Bassline Lounge and to my surprise, it was not clubby at all. The music was awesome and best of all, I was able to rest my feet if I needed to. Ultimately, it was a great night.

February 4th

I was so extremely happy to be back at my home church Lilydale First Baptist Church and to receive First Sunday communion as well. And just when I thought the boyfriend grilling portion was over, my church family brought their a game when getting to know Marc hahaha! It was all in fun, it really showed how loved I am!


In the afternoon, I meet up with friends for Brunch at Fremont Chicago and as always, it was delish! I brunch a lot but, Fremont has always been on the top of the list because it’s not just about the food, it’s the experience!


The night was finished off watching the Super Bowl. I honestly fell asleep until the halftime show with Justin Timberlake which was awesome by the way!

It is safe to say that I had a great time in Chicago, but, I needed much more time. I didn't get to visit all the places on my list and I did not get to show Marc all that my city has to offer. But there is always next time and I pray that it's in the summer when the city comes alive with festivals and food trucks! I'll definitely be back!