Posh Living on Petty Pennies (Apps)

Living the posh life is more attainable than you think. You don’t need a ton of money or a V.I.P invite. For me, I use my apps to navigate all my super cool adventures and each of them are Free.99

As promised, I’ll share my fave adventure apps, why I love them, and how how to get the best bang for your buck!

Localeur is such an amazing app for finding the happenings in your area or the area you’re traveling to. It breaks down different experiences based on location, theme, and reviews. It takes the work out of planning an itinerary and narrows down the best places to visit. You can search anything from “Lowkey coffee shops” to “Date Night” and the app will share the best places to try based on your location. You are also able to share your experiences as well to help other Localeurs!

Gilt City
Gilt is one of my most used apps for luxury experiences! Think of it as an upscale version of Groupon. It’s for that person that wants to go out on the town or enjoy a spa treatment at an extremely exclusive bathe house. I’ve attended many fashion events, wine tastings, and even workout classes from using Gilt. Pro tip* it comes in handy for times like Valentines Day and Wedding Season

Open Table
I’ve been using Open Table for a while now, even before they had an app and it’s come in handy many times. By making your reservations within the app, you are able to accumulate points that are redeemable for things such as gift cards and dining credits. It can also be linked to your calendar so that at the time you confirm your reservation, it is automatically added to your calendar. Be advised, your points will expire after 12 months so be sure to keep an eye on the date so you can cash out on a discounted dining experience!

Gold Star
If you love to try different things, this app is for you. You have access to festivals, concerts, theatre, classes, and family activities all in one app and at extremely low price points. Also, depending on the event, Gold Star will offer complimentary tickets at the time of presale (you only pay a small processing fee under $5). It’s always been a go to of mine when I’m ready to enjoy a new experience!

Can use say “Promo Code”! I love LivingSocial! Although you’re able to purchase a ton of random products at a fraction of the cost, I’m only here for the concert tickets! I can count on them all year long to bring in comedy show tickets, music festivals, and concerts for the low, low! And on top of the already great discounts, they keep the promo codes rolling in!

Many people only know Yelp as a platform to blast restaurants for bad service and researching reviews on a prospective gym or hot salon, but Yelp has much more to offer! I am currently enrolled in their cash back program where participating establishments offer a percentage of your bill as a cash back refund. All you need to do to reap the benefits is sync your primary debit card with the app so that every time you use the card at the select locations you get your refund automatically! This way you can indulge in your fave places while knowing you'll get some of your money back! There are many other cool perks like, the “Hot and New” feature which alerts you of any new restaurants opening in your area and “Welcome to” feature which works with your location settings  to suggest the top rated restaurants in the city you are in.

Anytime I'm in a new city and any time im looking for a fun way to celebrate holidays like Mardi Gras or Cinco de Mayo, I head straight to eventbrite to find my next move! Here, you are able to find awesome events to attend that you may not know about otherwise. It's completely free to use, you just simply pay the ticket price listed for the event. Pro tip* Always look for a Facebook page for the event or a website to make sure the event is hosted by a creditable team. By doing so, you may also come across a promo code for a discounted price or free gift bags!

Groupon is the forerunner for living posh on petty pennies! It honestly needs no introduction. From vacations, stays at hotels, to photo shoots It gets no better than good ole Groupon. I’ve saved up to 80% on luxury experiences day in and day out just by keeping up with my notifications and watching my favorited deals reduce in price.

Clear you space on your phones and tablets because I have a ton more apps to share with you. These eight are in daily use and I had to show you my faves immediately! Let’s start living posh!