Fashion In Fiction

What we watch on television and in the theaters has such a huge impact on the choices we make daily (without us really noticing). My fashion sense was heavily influenced by some of my favorite characters in sitcoms and shows we all grew up on and even some that I watch today! Check out these icons and feel free to comment the fictional characters that you love!!!


Whitley Gilbert
considering the fact that my freshman year of college was a different world for me, it’s only right that Whitley would be goals. She had a fit for EVERYTHING! She didn’t care what you were dressing like, just know that she didn’t come to play!

Fran of The Nanny
The Queen mother herself Nanny Fine, always serving looks! She was and still is “goals”. Her color coordination, accessories, and attention to detail was beyond poppin! Her style spirit definitely lives in all my outfit choices!

Lucille Ball
When you’re able to slay in black and white, come talk to me about your fashion game! Lucy was a look all by herself. She somehow managed to connect classic and quirky and made it work for her. She was truly iconic!

Hilary Banks
I still to this day need to know where Hilary shopped because her matching sets have me life!very few women could rock suit/separates like her

Clarissa of Clarissa Tells it all

Looking back, her clothes were super eccentric. But I loved it! She was te DIY master!

Denise Huxtable

Denise was a vibe! She is my inspiration every time I thrift! I need in on all her vibes!

Tia and Tamera

Before squad goals were a thing, it was Sister, Sister! I looked forward to their ensembles on every episode!


"Moe to the" embodied what I thought a teenager dressed like! She was so cool to me from her braids to her outfits!

Total Cast:

Sex and the City
This goes without saying! Samantha? Yes! Charlotte? Yes! Miranda? Yes! Carrie? Hell yes! They were all fashionable as a unit and alone!

Ugly Betty

I still don't know why the show has "Ugly" in the title because no one in the cast was ugly! I lived for everybody's wardrobe!

I definitely have a mood for each character of Girlfriends! Some days I’m a free spirit Iike Lynn, others I’m feeling sexy like Maya, whimsical like Joann, and drenched in designer like Toni. Depends on the day!


From the fellas to the ladies, the entire cast of Martin was laced, you hear me! Martin’s shoe game, Gina and Pam’s corporate and casual looks, Tommy’s Mac daddy ensembles, and Coals hip-hop flavor. They were super saucy!


There’s no other show that’s making statements like Insecure. Fashion statements, political statements, social statements you name it. The wardrobe is definitely impactful on an entirely different level!

Scream Queens

When I watch scream queens, I automatically hear Kelis’s I’m bossy playing in my mind. The opulent yet and modern wardrobe styling is so on point. The Chanels are definitely on my fashion moodboard.


Like, how many people have dressed as Cookie and Luscious Lion for Halloween over the past 3 years? So many! The whole family is dressed to impress and even though they always bring the new, you can some how peep a theme in each characterters wardrobe!

Gossip Girl

To be honest, I zoned out on the plot but, the fashion. I'm here for it! Don't judge me haha!


Jessica Rabbit

Come on now, we all know Jess was a total baddie. Her body was definitely unachievable (well it was back then) and that’s part of what made her such an icon in Fictional Fashion. Baby had Body!

Debbie from Friday

Debbie didn't have to try hard at all. She was just the "round the way" girl and that was her steeze! You can't duplicate that.


Justice was the 90's! The simplicity of her style, her hair, and her artistic flare. It was effortless!

Sue Ellen Crandell: Don't Tell Mom the Babysitters Dead

One of my fave movies ever! Sue Ellen is how I found out that you could o to college for fashion! She was so innovative and she made the biggest imprint on my fashion journey!

Amanda Peterson: Money Can't Buy Me Love

My age group might not be familiar with this one, but it's a classic. Amanda was the ultimate cool girl and she didn't take her role lightly. Her image was everything and I loved it!

Basic Instinct Catherine Tramell

My life's goal is to afford to wear white everyday like Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct! She was bad AF in every scene!


It's literally too many fashion icons to name in this movie! Everyone was serving!