Posh Living on Petty Pennies: Trends on a Dime

As a girl who doesn't really live and die by trends, I like to spend as little money as possible on clothing that is here today and gone tomorrow. It's always best to spend your big coins on staple items that are classic, of great quality, and can serve multiple purposes in your wardrobe. Because of this I like to find runway inspired items for affordable prices. Keep reading to see whats on trend for Spring 2018 and where to find it for less!

The Vertical Stripe

Last year was all about the Nautical Stripe. But there is something about the vertical stripe that screams high fashion

Found at Forever 21



The sheer trend is not just for the risqué. Pairing sheer pieces with masculine ones is one of my favorite looks to wear. It all depends on how you rock it and where you are going

Found at Pretty Little Thing


Flare Pants

Flared Pants have never really left the scene, but now there are more denim selections and they're not your mother's jeans!

Found at Express


Double Buckle

I absolutely love the chic meets cowgirl aesthetic of the Double Buckle trend. You can find them on shoes, belts , handbags, and dresses

Found at Asos



What better way to stay warm and dry while also showcasing the outfit you worked so hard to put together. PVC is not just for rain, it's where functionality meets fashion

Found at Zara


Latex (The Wet Look)

If my abs weren't covered in donuts and mimosas, I would definitely take part in this trend. At one point the "wet look" was reserved for a very specific demographic *wink, wink, but this year we're seeing it manifest into everyday street fashion

Found at Oh Polly



I'm probably the happiest person alive right now because I don't have to look very far for Lavender clothing! This color is leader among many this season and I am front and center. It's a great color to transition into your Spring wardrobe

Found at Asos



Another timeless trend that has been elevated this year. Everything is becoming Fringe-able (I made that up)

Found at Nasty Gal


Oversized Earrings

We've seen the tassel earring which are still on trend; but now it's the tassel and the beading, and the silk flower, and the acrylic painted art piece all on one earring. It's easy to miss the mark with this trend so make sure you hair, makeup, and outfit are simple when you pop these babies on!

Found at Zara


Utility Jumpsuit

I feel like the fashion Gods are letting us feel comfort this year with the Utility Jumpsuit. This is on my shopping list for sure. You can dress it down with sneakers or elevate the look with opened toe booties; It depends on how you feel!

Found at Loft