The Perfect Fit

Footwear has the power to transform a look with ease. I am a shoe lover and I shamelessly own a ton of shoes! However, I often find myself wearing the same round of shoes (unless it's a special occasions). Some of the choices are for comfort and some are because the shoe is so dang cute and versatile, I can where it with almost all my clothes!

To get multiple wears from your shoes, buy with the inspiration of what you already own. Rarely do I buy shoes for one outfit. I used to (before adulthood) and that left me spending more money just to buy more clothes to coordinate with the "Oh So Rare" shoes. Now l find it more cost effective to build my wardrobe and purchase shoes later that can get a ton use!

Here are my most worn shoes:


Pink Chrome

These babies are the newest of all my shoes. They're one of my most worn shoes because the classic pointed toe pump paired with the trendy Rose Gold tint make them easy to pop on with a jean, dress, or skirt.


90's Girl

These chunky heeled beauties get a ton of play because they're not only comfortable, but they bring out my inner 90's teen spirit!


Rustic Princess

No lie, these are the most comfortable pair of booties I own. I have probably out worn them by now and I am totally ok with that. The Leather and Suede combo are what make these shoes POP!


Gilded Heel

I still remember the day I saw these shoes; they were the last pair in my size. The aren't the most comfortable, but the contrast of Gold and Gray allow for a great conversation piece and that makes up for it haha!


Red & Strappy

My go to heel! Every girl needs a scrappy heel and the Red makes for a great match with a red lippie! Also I absolutely love the Gold zipper detail being showcased on the outside of the shoe. That little detail wins me over every time!


Star Studded

Okay, I've had these shoes for yeaaaarrrss, and they still are stiff as hell. I wear them for the fashion and the fashion only. Comfort is a miss for these, but the style is on point


Unicorn Pump

As you can probably tell by the heel, these girls are so worn out. They were a cheap buy that paired well with a lot of the cool colors in my closet. Although I don't want to see them go, I'll probably be retiring them (sometime) this year


Beige Beauty

If you don't have a go to "over the knee boot" then getchu one ASAP! These booties will instantly elevate any casual look!


Mirror Mirror

The trendiest of trendy shoes right now are the silver chrome booties! They are a mood on their own. You can flip any look whether dress or jeans and make it Happy Hour ready!

I hope you enjoyed this peek into my shoe closet! I'm sorry I don't have any links but most of these shoes were purchased 6 months ago at the least :-( I will most definitely keep an eye out for similar shoes and provide you with links via Instagram so make sure you're following me!