Okay Leilani, what is a moodboard and why do I need to know how to make one? I’m glad you asked!  A moodboard is simply a collage or collection of images, fabrics, quotes/words, or object samples, that are combined to present a specific theme, mood, or aesthetic. If you're launching a brand, decorating your house, planning a party, or organizing a photoshoot, you can create a moodboard filled with different elements of inspiration as a guideline for the end result. There are many ways to create a mood board whether it be from scratch with a foam board and cutouts, or digitally with apps or software. You’re probably thinking, hmm, this sounds a lot like Pinterest… Well, you're right. Pinterest is one of the most popular apps for creating vision boards but there are many others:

Once you have decided what area of your life deserves its own moodboard. It’s time it’s time to start. Personally, I like to make moodboards for almost everything from Vacation Wardrobe to Looks for Sunday Brunch. I’m just extra like that!

Ready? You can try for yourself!

1. Snap Pix/ Screenshot

Snap pictures of things that remind you of the topic at hand. You can also browse the internet and research other people who have already done what you are wanting to accomplish.

2. Create a Theme

For best results, imagine that you’re a museum curator and each picture and piece that you select to serve as inspiration as well as evoke an emotion. This is literally where the “mood” in Moodboard comes from! Create the vibe!

3. Determine its Uses

Ask yourself, Is this for my personal use? Am I using this to pitch an idea to a company? Will I be sending this to an event planner or graphic artist for them to use for a potential project? Determining how your moodboard will be used will direct you in choosing the best way to go about creating it

4. Choose a Format and Platform

Selecting a format only really applies if the moodboard is for professional use such as a pitch proposal or company presentation. If you are using the mood board for your personal inspiration then you have a lot more freedom in format and platform

5. Get Carried Away

Creating a moodboard should be fun! Add text, relevant quotes, and colors related to your overall theme. When I have a theme that is fashion related, I enjoy adding fabric swatches to seal the deal

The most common forms of moodboards are “Vision Boards” where we set the tone for the year to come. They are super easy and fun to create. And on the professional level, Moodboards help to convey and communicate your ideas clearly and correctly. Try it for yourself!

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