9 Thoughts of a Beyonce Audience Member

Although I don’t consider myself a member of the Beyhive, I have always been a huge fan of Beyonce the Brand. Just the fact that she is THE First Black Woman to headline Coachella says enough. I love how she uses her platform to not only expand her brand but also shed light on social injustices and pay homage to those who have came before her. Over the years of her career, she has paid her dues and is now one of the most respected and well known living performers! When faced with scandal, she does not deny or confirm she just continues to live her life as scheduled. She slays, remains humble, and is unmatched in her artistry, and this is why we love her!

Aside from her talent, here are 9 things that cross my mind any time I watch a Beyonce performance:

1. You Betta, Ayyy!!!

Before the show even starts, we are READY honey! We know we're about to get our edges snatched and we dare anyone to interrupt the moment. You can always count on a great show! This Coachella Experience was nothing short of amazing. She took us back with the Destiny's Child Reunion and even brought out the hubs Jay-Z and little sis Solange, but best of all, I loved how she used such a huge platform to show THE WORLD how Historically Black Colleges and Universities get down. She had the phraternity vibe, full marching band, Negro National anthem, and we were here for it! Aside from that, I'm always amazed by her endurance, like, I'm tired just by watching and she's still going strong hitting high notes and slaying choreo!

2. How did all the people keep the secrets?

It's no secret that Beyonce keeps a Non-Disclosure Agreement handy for chatty Kathys hahaha! But it is always intriguing to imagine how many people are keeping the behind the scenes secrets of the Queen! Dancers, musicians, hair stylists, affiliate brands, it's too many many people to keep count of. This is how we know that the Bey camp is well organized and legally protected!

3. How long have they been planning this?

The layouts of her shows are always amazing. Not just from the looks, but the timing and strategy behind it all. From releasing tour dates around tax season, to being so huge that you can do so without even having a new album out is just Boss! Even that fact Coachella was her first live performance since her recent pregnancy, created hype. Bey and her team are winning in the marketing department and this has been proven year after year.

4. How do you even get the chance to perform with Bey?

After seeing a vision of how she wants her shows to be, Beyonce and her team has to seek out and select the perfect people for the job. Just imagine all the people that audition to be on stage along side her! I know of about four people that have experienced this process and all of them can attest to it being tedious! I mean, you saw how many people were on that stage with her, so I can't even picture all the people that weren't selected.

5. If the performance was 2 hours long, how long were rehearsals?

Like, where did they even rehearse? Just thinking back to my performance days and how stressful it was to get only 50 people to be synchronized gives me anxiety as I try to figure out how they were able to conduct practices with that many people. I'm legit curious!

6. Shout to the Production team!

These people have to think of everything. A Plan A, B, and Z! They are responsible for making those performances so iconic. I'm talking, the smooth transitions, Jumbotrons, lighting, sound, you name it! These people are so damn good, that they shrunk almost 20 years of music into a 2 hour production and nobody felt cheated. 

7. What does it look like backstage?

So we got wardrobe, glam squad, dancers, producers, and all these people... It must be hella chaotic back there. With quick changes and set transitions I'm almost sure it gets crazy. 

8. How could you not?

Like I said before, I'm not a Beyhive level fan, but you gotta acknowledge greatness! She hasn't stopped since she's started and she continues to raise the bar on all levels. And to be honest, I don't see any other female performers that could possibly fill her space when she decides to call it quits. I'm still tripping on how her face doesn't melt off doing all that moving or her wig for that matter, and for that I'm a fan.

9. How many lives were changed?

Most performers and entertainment professionals share the dream of one day working with Beyonce. I remember seeing the Les Twins performing with Bey for the first time after following their journey on Youtube and going "They On Now". Now I see them everywhere. It's awesome to see how hard these singers, dancers, costume designers, stylists, and musicians have worked and how significantly their lives will/have changed by being associated with Beyonce.