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Many of you may already know, I am a certified FOODIE! I love trying new restaurants and dishes from all over the world. My favorite thing to do is to research the “Best Of” in whatever city that I travel to. It literally brings me joy to know I can create lasting memories based around moments like “That time I tried Fish and Chips in London”. I live for those memories.

Leading up to any trip I take, whether it be to a new neighborhood in my city or a state I’ve never been to, I have

7 Proven Ways to Navigate the Food Scene in Any City


First of all, how many times have I mentioned Pinterest on my site hahaha?! Pinterest is life! The first thing I do when I’m planning a trip, is to create a Pinterest Board. I dig deep for local eateries, hole in the wall, non-touristy places that the city may offer. It’s a great place to start looking to get a lay of the land and see what the city is known for.


If you aren’t a Thrillist subbie than wake up and get in tune! Thrillist has some of the most accurate information on Foodie spots in every city. You can even find detailed lists for entire streets that are dedicated to great eats. They even provide links to the restaurants so that you can do more research on your own and see what specials, theme nights, and event the restaurant or bar may have.


Instagram is probably the most accurate and up to date way to scout out foodie hotspots. You can follow hashtags, search by location tags, follow food bloggers in the area bloggers, and ultimately develop a pretty decent list of must-try places. This is more than likely the easiest for most of us because we’re already on scrolling through Instagram anyhow hahaha!


I’ve mentioned the greatness of the Localeur previously in my Posh Living On Petty Pennies series. It is the truth! You are able to read reviews from other foodies and search based on the  dining vibe that you prefer. You can literally type “ Hipster Coffee Shops” and get a full breakdown of the best of that theme. It takes a lot of the planning pressure off of you and offers you a community to swap and share great dining experiences.


Maybe 2 or 3 weeks prior to your trip, the Eventbrite app can help you find some pretty cool food centered events. This is like a go to app for Food Truck Festivals, themed nights at restaurants, and even super unique brunch experiences. This is also great for you to use in your home town as well.

Free Printed Publications

Are you the type to pass up the newspaper and magazine stands at the grocery store. Stop doing that! There are so many gems to be had inside those free publications. You are able to get exclusive info about new restaurants and grand opening details almost all the time. Restaurants pay big buck to be able to feature their happy hours and live music nights in those magazines some of my faves are:

Modern Luxury

Paper City



Chicago Parents

Chicago Reader

Houston Press

Local Magazine

Walk/Public Transit

Once you’ve made it to your destination, explore the area around you. Don’t just chat with the hotel concierge, take a walk and get a feel for what’s nearby. See where the people are going and where they aren’t. Take the train and hop on and off. I’ve found some of the best places just by stepping out and exploring!

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