Are You a Foodie?

Over the last 10 or so years you’ve probably heard the term “Foodie” more than you would like to, but do you actually know what it means? … A gastronome, an epicure, a connoisseur of good food; they are all synonymous!

I believed that I was a Foodie far before I truly realize what it actually entailed, solely because I would rather try a new restaurant verses eat at the same ole chain. I’ve always been that friend that you could ask where to go and what to get, but am I really Foodie? So let’s break it down...What is a foodie and how do I know if I’m one?

A Foodie:

Can confidently recommend a restaurant in their area and suggest more than one dish on the menu

Can whip out a list with their “Best of” dishes or restaurants and you trust it

Can tell when drinks are made with fresh ingredients vs. store bought mixers 

Is knowledgeable about various cooking styles and techniques and doesn’t need further explanation from the waiter

Knows what wines or cocktails to pair with each type of dish based on its flavor chords

Understands that presentation is almost as important as the dish itself

Doesn’t just want to eat a good meal, but instead seeks an overall dining experience

I think I’m holding the title honorably haha! Do you still consider yourself a Foodie? If not learn about your wines, try a new dish or restaurant, and brush up on your Foodie Language! I know I’m due for a sommelier course or two!

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