22 Trader Joe's Must Haves

I absolutely love Trader Joe's!!! I'm never ever in a line, everything I want is always in stock, and contrary to what people believe, it's just as affordable (if not more) as your local grocery store. In addition to that, it's some stuff that you just can't find anywhere else; and if you do, the prices are much higher, and the quality isn't as great! Don't Sleep on em'


1) Living Plants

Not only will you find great eats, but you can also grab a nice window plant for your home. They have plants on a seasonal basis so there is always something year round! The Spring time is perfect for potted herbs like basil and chives!


2) Fruit Bars

The classic Fruit Bar at Trader Joe's is just what it says on the wrapper a "Real" fruit bar. No breading, not nuts, just fruit. They taste great and are perfect for people like me who suffer from nut allergies.


3) Calamansi Cooler

To be real, I had no clue what a Calamansi was until I started shopping at Trader Joe's. Apparently it's a really sweet lime and I love it! Put these babies on chill and enjoy by themselves or in your cocktail.


4) Italian Wine Cocktail

I never thought that I would drink a canned wine EVER! But it's so good. It needs nothing and it's perfect for those days where you just want a sip cause we all know if the bottle opens... hahaha!


5) Miscato D'Asti

Yummers! If you're a white wine sipper, this is a great Spring and Summer wine! It's sweet enough without being over baring!


6) Secco Peach Bellini

OMG! This is one of my fave drinks from Trader Joe's. It's where Prosecco meets Peach Wine and it is amazeballs! I love to pull it out for those Saturday morning Stay-at-Home Brunches!

7) Kombucha

I've always been on the fence about Kombucha. But a girl needs her probiotics! The ones here at Trader Joe's are the most appealing taste wise and the most affordable that I've seen! Try the Mint Lime flavor!


8) Ginger Brew

Yes, I am a part of the small percentage of people who enjoy Ginger Brew! It's good! It's non-alcoholic, but it's the most important ingredient in a Dark and Stormy or a Mezcal Mule! If you're a newbie try it alone with lime!


9) Chicken Tikka Masala

I normally make this dish from scratch, but on a lazy day, this frozen meal is close enough to the real thing! It's a quick fix to my Mediterranean habit!


10) Garlic Fries

Yal, these are so bomb! The fries are cut just right and the seasoning pack that comes in the bag is the perfect touch!


11) Edamame

My favorite appetizer on my sushi dates is the edamame! So it is only right that I grab these! They only need a quick steam and they are ready to eat.


12) Fresh Veggie Bags

Trader Joe's has some of the best salad combos ever! At other grocery stores, I would need to grab a ton of different bags but here you can find your fave fresh veggies for under $4!


13) Toaster Pastries

I don't buy these often but, these are so dang good. I had never seen the Cherry and Pomegranate flavor with any other brand but I'm glad I tried them because they're the truth, I don't even have to warm them up!


14) Cereal Bars

"This apple walks into a bar" and it tasted to good! I always buy these in bulk. I pop them in my glove compartment for traffic jams, in my purse to avoid those hangry moments, and whatever else that has pockets. The apple is my fave but I'm not sleep on the strawberry and mango.


15) Cereal

If you know me, you probably know I'm not the biggest cereal eater; one, because I don't drink milk and two because, I couldn't imagine eating soggy bread haha! I usually get my ziplock bag and fill it with my Frosted Flakes or Cinnamon Squares and snack away! And you guessed it, Trader Joe's brand are my faves!


16) Reusable Grocery Bags

I can always find the coolest reusable grocery bags here at T.J's! They keep the designs and patterns coming weekly and you can get a ton of uses from them.


17) Thai Green Curry Simmer Sauce

This is another one of my lazy meal must haves! Whip up some Grilled Chicken and Veggies and let it simmer in the sauce; pour it over some Jasmine Rice and you've got a semi-homemade meal! 


18) Soyaki

As you can see from the picture, I use the hell out of the Soyaki! It's a cross between Soy Sauce and Teriyaki Sauce and I put it on almost everything. Stir fry, Salmon, fried rice, sautéed veggies, you name it!


19) 21 Seasoning Salute

This is always a grab! I go through these bottles so fast that I always buy 2! 21 herbs in one bottle, what more is there to say?!


20) Facial Cleansing Oil

This one is a newbie for me but I love it already! It takes the dirt of the day right off while nourishing your skin with oils like Vitamin E Oil, Argan Oil and Coconut Oil! Also, it is only $7 which is great for a facial cleanser


21) Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Packets

I swear by these! Of course you can get coconut oil anywhere, but these individual packets are just so convenient that I have to get them from TJ's. I usually split them up and put some in my makeup bags and some with my hair care products and I'm set for a while!


22) Tea Tree Oil Soap

I love my essential Oils and the Tea Tree Oil Soap is EVERYTHING! Tea tree Oil is great for killing bacteria and I love to use the soap after I shave or wax to prevent infection or irritation! 

I hope you found this list to be helpful! Let me know in the comments what your favorite items from Trader Joe's are or if you if we have similar taste!

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