Thrift Like A Pro II

Warning… This is only for the "committed" Thrifters!

You should know by now, that I loveeee to thrift and dumpster dive (as my mom likes to say). In part one of this article, I shared with you some best practices for thrifting like a pro. Now I want to share with you some tools that can help to elevated and enhance the items you find once you get them home!

If you thrift or vintage shop very often, here are 9 Must Have Tools to Thrift Like a Pro

Rit Dye

With Rit Dye, you are able to customize the color of your garment. This way you have the option to get multiple different wears of one piece of clothing

Seam Ripper

If you’ve been thrifting for a while, you know how irritating those stubborn shoulder pads can be. A seam ripper can help! They can also help when reconstructing a long sleeve into a sleeveless shirt or removing an unflattering collar

Fabric Shears

Aside from thrifting, shears are life! I prefer Dressmaker's shears. They help to cut your clothing without it fraying at the edges. They’re also great for denim and t-shirts!

Fray Check

Talk about a life savor! Fray Check is the best when it comes to rough edges and preventing them from becoming scraggly. For a clean look, use your fabric shears to cut and the Fray Check to seal the edges

Needle and Thread

A classic sewing kit always comes in handy. You never know if you’re going to need to swap out some buttons or secure a busted seam

Leather Hole Puncher

One of my favorite things to purchase from the thrift store is a genuine leather belt. Having a leather hole puncher near can assist you in adding some extra holes in the belt you love (that wasn’t quite your size) haha!

Jewelry Cleaner

Don’t let water stains or bits of tarnish be the reason you don’t snag that one of a kind piece of jewelry. Buy it and have your cleaner handy


In my previous Thrift Like a Pro Article, I discussed the importance of cleaning your clothes before use. A steamer not only gets the wrinkles out of your clothes, but It also helps to kill the bacteria on your thrifted items. Simply add essential oils like oregano or tea tree oil to the water and steam away those cooties haha!

A Trusted Tailor

To be honest, I still haven’t found one here in the Houston Area so if you know of a great tailor let me know! Having a tailor you can trust is priceless. From hemming your pants to taking in a dress, investing in a tailor is the way to go!

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