2K18 Summer Bucket List

The ultimate goal for me this summer is to create some awesome memories and take advantage of each day! I have a ton of responsibilities but I plan to be strategic about including fun into my plans! Here are 27 Ideas to add to your 2018 Summer Bucket List:

  1. Have a Picnic
  2. Adopt a New Fashion Trend
  3. Drinks by the Pool
  4. Attend a Conference
  5. Rooftop and Alfresco Dining
  6. Weekend Road Trip
  7. Go Strawberry Picking
  8. Volunteer at an Event
  9. Take a Day to Be a Big Kids
  10. Hike
  11. Take a Bae Trip
  12. Take a Solo Trip
  13. Backyard Bbq with the Fam
  14. Attend an All White Event
  15. Stay out til Sunrise
  16. Go on a Bike ride
  17. Visit All the Museums in your City
  18. Attend an Outdoor Workout Class
  19. Create A Music Video with Friends
  20. Ride the Train 
  21. Visit a Winery
  22. Take a Boat Cruise
  23. Spend a Day Exploring Houston
  24. Go Rock Climbing
  25. Stay Out til Sunset
  26. Find a Dope Neighborhood to Explore
  27. Have an Old School Water Fight

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