Jump Start Your Summer With These 3 Beauty Products

I have always despised those questions like “If you were stranded on a desert island and you can only have 3 things what would they be?” First of all, why am I stranded on an island and second of all, are you gonna help me get home or are you gonna just keep talking? Haha! No, but in all seriousness, even though I hate those kinds of questions, it challenges me to think minimalistically when it comes to the things I say “I have to have” to make it through my day.


I don’t know about you, but in the summer months I don’t want a full cake face every single day. Buuuuttt, I still want to look good and serve that Summertime Glow! So, if I had to choose, bare face in the mirror, there are for sure 3 Beauty Product that I wouldn’t leave home without!


If it wasn’t for my dark spots and blemishes, I would have no problem Fresh Face’n it all Summer long! Some days just require a little concealer. It’s nothing like a quick “No makeup” makeup look on a casual Summer day

What I use: To be honest, I use my full coverage foundation as a concealer. The key is to apply small amounts to your problem areas and blend it out

Mineral Powder

Mineral Powder is the perfect Summer Beauty Product. It’s subtle and gives you light to medium coverage which is gentle on your pores. One of the best things is how it helps to enhance your skin through the minerals it has and it protects you from sun damage with its high levels of SPF

What I use: I love my mineral powder! I have dark circles around my eyes and hyper pigmentation around my mouth and the mineral powder helps to balance out my skin tone

Colored Mascara

Some days it can be so hot that you don’t want any eyeshadow or eyeliner on at all. Colored Mascara allows you to have that pop of color on your eyes without adding any extra shadows or gels

What I use: Its so fun to play with colors on the lash with colored mascara! I have been wearing blue for a while now and I get so many complements. I would love to branch out to a purple shade