TBH: I Changed My Mind

I changed my mind! No I’m not referencing the Keyshia Cole and Kanye collab, I’m talking about my mind-set. I attribute all my accomplishments to simply making the decision to take myself seriously. Sounds easy but, let me tell you; hushing the lies that you’ve told yourself for most of your life, takes consistent practice. So, be advised, I may make this sound easy, but getting to the joy that I have now was a huge challenge.

Let me paint a picture for you! In May 2015 I set out to start my website LetLeiBeLei.com in hopes to show others that we as millennials don’t have have to wait for a vacation to do adventurous things in our day to day lives. The goal was established but boyyyyyy was my mind not there. As you may or may not know I didn’t launch my website until August 2017! So why the 2 year gap? Ultimately, it wasn't my time, but by digging deeper I realized I wanted everything to be PERFECT (even myself)! It took me 2 years to get to a place where I was comfortable giving what I had and perfecting as I moved. The 2018 version of me had to undergo some major renovations, but it was totally worth it!

Over those 2 years (and still to this day), I meditated on 3 phrases that helped to shift my mind-set into being an industry leader and an overall joy generator!

1. Give God Something to Work With

Because I wanted everything to be perfect upon launching my site, I began to leave tasks uncompleted and give up when things didn’t look like what I imagined. I remember hearing the phrase “Give God Something to Work With” and I began to get to work. I started creating lists of things I wanted to accomplish and planning a strategy to make sure that they were completed. I just wanted to bring something to the table, even if it wasn’t at the level that I saw myself to be at. This ended up helping me grow because I learned how to creatively navigate around my shortcomings or in turn use them to work in my favor.

2. Organic Creation

With the content I choose to produce, present, and advertise, I didn’t want to find myself doing just anything and shoving it in peoples faces. I didn't want to continually ask my friends if they read my article or if they could share it, I wanted them to do it because they wanted to. I wanted everything along this process to be organic. This thought shift allowed me to dig deeper in my content development and genuinely connect with my target audience.

3. Miraculous Transformation

My prayers have been guided by these 2 words; Miraculous Transformation! Not meaning that things would fall from the sky as I need them, but that the work that I’m doing matched with my belief system, and the right opportunity, would provide me with what I need. For example, I’d been wanting to better occupy my time and stick to the goals that I made for myself. I first started making a schedule to stick to, then asking God to help me stay on track, to ultimately watching my lifestyle change before my eyes. I rarely watch television now because it was negatively occupying my time. I say “No” to things that don’t align with my goals because they negatively occupy my time. It started as something I was trying to do and slowly became a part of me. God intervened on my behalf, yes, but I had to take steps towards transforming in order to experience change!

This year I believe more than ever that shifting your mindset has more to do with your success than money, or followers, or fame, or any egotistical form of measurement there is. The best thing I could have done for myself and my future was build and strengthen my thought process. I’ve reaped great reward and the best part is, there is so much more to come. I hope that I was able to properly articulate the wonderful benefits of positively shifting your mindset by sharing some of my story in doing so! I pray that your 2018 be filled with continued success and a renewed mind!

*This piece was written in January of this year for an online publication pitch that was ultimately not selected for publishing!