Girls are Counting On You

Sometimes, the hardest part about achieving our goals is simply starting.

I know this to be true on a personal level. As a recovering perfectionist, I have put off sharing certain projects with the public so many times. This was only because, what I created, didn’t resemble the unrealistic dream version that was in my head! After a while, I just had to get out of my own way. I realized that I stopped myself before I could even fail; before I could even start!

My self-sabotage was on FLEEK!

The 2016 and beyond version of myself looks back at that girl in awe of the growth! It’s crazy how we as women and especially young women, can be our toughest critics. We shut ourselves down before we can even set up shop. But, I am here to tell you…THAT ENDS TODAY! In this moment let's agree to plant the seeds of our goals, even if we are clueless.

I will let you in on a little secret; the woman you most admire had to start somewhere. She wasn’t always the woman that you see today. The Michelle Obamas, The Beyonces, The Oprahs! Take a look at their journeys and say to yourself, “What if they would have stopped there?” There is a little girl somewhere whose success depends on you not giving up!

I once received great advice that I will always carry with me:

“ Without commitment, you will never start and without consistency, you’ll never finish”

As a young creative, I lean heavily on this mantra. We have to commit to making our dreams become a reality and we cannot give up when things don’t go as planned. We do not have the time to stop the grind because there are people who’s next move is contingent upon us meeting our goals!

It’s ultimately bigger than us and that’s what motivates me daily. There is no need for a “New Year, New Me” declaration. Just commit to winning and grind beyond the bull!

Don’t start over.

Just grow from where you are.If you are planting seeds, do not sit there to watch them grow. Get involved!

Learn more about where you should and should not plant seeds (location). Discover different ways to bring in a harvest (technique). Plan accordingly (strategy). Don’t walk away just because your goals take time, keep pressing on.

Now is our time! Our stories will be told one day just like the Queens that have come before us. Let’s live up to our goals instead of compromising with our fears! Yeah, we’re going to fail, but boyyyy are we going to learn so much in the process! “Don’t stop, get it, get it!”

Keep reaching and be the woman that “teenage you” would be proud of!

This article is a republished piece that was written for Kween to Queen's Kweenspiration section! Their mission is to build a new generation of teen girls who are committed to becoming their best self, to live their best life, and reign like they mean it and I am so honored to be featured on their site!