How to be a World Traveler

How to be a World Traveler

To lead a life of adventure, you don’t have to travel very far, you can start exploring right now where you are (that sounded like a Dr. Suess rhyme haha!)

One of the common thread of my friends and People I follow on social media is the goal of travel being a world traveler but I wonder do people know what it takes to be a traveler a true traveler

I know we’ve all heard the phrase you can’t travel with just anybody and I believe this to be true but we can fix this. Just be the person you want to travel with

This video was inspired actually buy a children’s book that aids in the interest and development of children travelers it gives them tips and best practices for how to prepare to travel what is needed to travel And how to make the most out of their experiences

So I want to bring some of that information to my age group because I feel like not all of us are as ready as we think

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  1. Respect differences

    • The world is full of people from different walks of life. Differences in preferences, attire, and native tongue, among so many others

  2. Read & Research

    • Educate yourself on local culture, geography, history, political and viewpoints

  3. Think beyond your experiences

    • Your way is not the highway, think about how much your origin affects your actions

  4. Consider the feelings of others

    • When faced with communication barriers consider the feelings of those who have trouble understanding you

  5. Make observations

    • Take notice of the beauty in your surroundings as well as the safety of your well being

  6. Talk to ppl who are different from you

    • Learn the stories of people that you might otherwise not cross paths with

  7. Explore using your google maps

    • Walk or bike your city like a tourist

  8. Ask questions

    • Ask questions about places that you are interested in traveling

  9. Be open minded

    • Expand your expectations

  10. Be curious

    • Take in new experiences showing childlike interest

Stay tuned for more travel and adventure themed articles and videos!

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