Hot Girl Summer

Hot Girl Summer On My Terms.PNG

I had all intentions of sharing my (what I thought would be) amazing experience at the Hennything Fest in Houston this past weekend but you know what? I’d rather not. I don’t wanna harp, but heres 3 quick reason why I’ll be super selective with the events I attend.

  1. I’m over the party scene, have been for awhile. Costs to park, costs to get in, costs to drink, it’s crowded, and the service is usually trash.

  2. Everything is an up charge just for the stunt (no need to say more)

  3. I want to create my vibes and my surroundings have to match

Now that that's out of the way, I’m having a Hot Girl Summer all 2019 On My Terms (see what I did there haha) Here’s where you will find me this summer and you guessed it, it’s not the club!

Happy Hour


Comedy Shows

Outdoor Movies

Girls Trip


Day Cruise

Rooftop Bars/Restaurant


Cultural Tours

Open Mics

Al Fresco Dining

Beach Trips

Drinks by the Pool