Playas Eff Up| F*ck Up Nights Vol. XV

First things first it’s not what you think, F. U. N is a monthly meet up where successful entrepreneurs share their eff ups, failures, and most vulnerable set backs to inspire the next entrepreneur. The catch is, each presenter has only 7 mins and can only show 7 pictures that represent their story in their allotted time.


I had the privilege of attending my first ever Fuck Up Nights event held at The Oakmont in Midtown Houston and I was early enough to be front row to all the amazing gems that were dropped!

First speaker up was Ozeal Debastos, podcaster and founder of Pod Houston, Houston’s biggest podcasting community. He shared many things related to his journey, but what stood out to me the most was how he admitted to allowing his obligations and “cool leader” perception consume him and throw him off off his game. He shared how he had to unlearn practices that no longer serve him to become the successful entrepreneur he is today


The next speaker, Sahar Paz initially drew me in with her outfit as we were row mates at the start of the event. We chatted and I had no idea she would be speaking! Sahar has been an entrepreneur since the age of 13
when she ran her own baby and pet sitting company. She has since become a published author and CEO of Own Your Voice Strategy Firm where she guides others across the barriers of capitalism. She shared how she became voiceless and moldable to her circumstances by allowing what seemed to be great opportunities, compromise her authenticity. She not only took back her power but she now helps others to do the same!


The next speaker’s name alone had me intrigued! Reverend Butter, what a name, right?!!! Well Rev. Butter is a world renowned Ice Sculptor and CEO of DLG Ice Factory. I related to him so much because he shared a story of how he had to check himself after dropping the ball with a client and completing the job for the FREE!!! Whew… He opened up about a letter he wrote to himself where he called himself on his own shit and mannnn… I can def relate to that. That same passion expressed in his letter, fuels his work ethic and stellar award winning ice sculptures to this day!


Now this young lady right here!!! My God, she truly inspired me! I had no clue what to expect when I learned that one of the speakers was a Burlesque Clown named KiKi Maroon, like what?! But I was open to see, and thank God I was because mannnnnn… KiKi shared how her pre-show liquid courage routine nearly ended her life on one night in a horrible car accident. This resulted in a bout of depression, the loss of her license, friends, fiance, and a court mandate that forbid her from entering any establishment that serves alcohol (which is pretty much where she worked). She ultimately had to decide whether she would let this stop her hustle or if she’d create her own lane; safe to say she did the latter! She’s currently working as a comedian, podcaster, and and creator of The Burly Q Lounge Show!


Fuck Up Nights is held world wide so check out the nearest F.U.N to you! If you are in the Houston area, be sure to follow fuckupnights_houston on instagram to stay up to date on any future events!