Hello, My Name is...

As of late, I’ve been keeping so many wonderful secrets that I feel like I’m going to explode! One of them being my beyond amazing friends and their contributions to the site in honor of my birthday this month! I extended the invitation back in November and I am so thankful that everyone was on board to share their super dope energies with the Let Lei Be Lei audience! So without further ado, meet the Guest Contributors for January 2017.


Meet Antwan “Twiz” Taylor owner of T.R.U.E Stories Media, a multimedia production company that services it’s clients through film and photography. Antwan and I met as student leaders at Western Illinois University and remained supportive of one another's professional endeavors. He is also the host and creator of Mogul Motivation, the podcast that educates and empowers entrepreneurs and those who want to aspire higher and accomplish their dreams. On January 3, 2018, Antwan will share helpful tips that entrepreneurs should take before they enjoy a well-deserved vacation! 


Meet Jennifer, she is a Chicago native but has recently relocated to Houston, Texas. She has an undergraduate degree in Law Enforcement and Justice Administration and is currently working on a master’s degree in Social Work. Her passions are geared towards the underprivileged youth in the inner cities and the juvenile systems. We met in the third grade and have attended the same grammar school, high school, and college. Jennifer is one of my biggest supporters and I love her dearly. On January 4, 2018 (my actual Birthday), Jennifer is teaming with our other bestie,  Jordane to share some embarrassing stories and memories about The Real Lei.


Meet Jordane, a Chicago native currently living in Houston, TX. She works as a social media marketing manager at Houston-based, Landry’s Inc. where she is continuing to build her career in the public relations and marketing field. She enjoys sports, food, traveling and community service. She and I met in the first grade at Rosenwald Elementary School. We attended different high schools and colleges but continued to grow our friendship throughout the process and despite the separation. Years later, we are still the best of friends and both reside in Houston. We share a love of music, movies, art and pop culture and continue to nurture each other’s creativity and support each other’s life adventures.On January 4, 2018 (my actual Birthday), Jordane is teaming with our other bestie Jennifer to share some embarrassing stories and memories about The Real Lei.


Meet Dor Ameir, creator of By Dor Ameir a creative collective that focuses on the many elements of the visual arts. Dor was drawn to fashion from the moment he realized it was a language spoken with imagination and creativity. Dor and I met by bonding over fashion in college and our friendship has grown over the years as we became each others' extended family! He now uses his eye to capture the balance between fashion and everyday life. With extensive experience in retail merchandising, runway modeling, and fashion styling, its safe to say, he understands the fashion industry. On January 10, 2018, Dor Ameir will share his truth about balancing fun, dating, and work in his new home, New York!


Meet Rayvon, he is a Copywriter at Apple and when he’s not writing, he enjoys
content creation, mentorship, and exploring representations of blacks in contemporary
American films. He is the mastermind behind #CauseRaySaid, which is a platform he uses to
encourage and uplift black males while reframing the black male experience in the media and in real life. We too met as student leaders at Western Illinois University and he's been a major motivation to me since. On January 17, 2018, Rayvon will share advice to help young men navigate style and fashion! You can connect with him via instagram, facebook & twitter: @causeraysaid and email: causeraysaid@gmail.com


Meet Monica, who after graduating college, found herself unprepared to conquer the real world with no job in sight. She began working for a temp agency where she was assigned to various not-for-profit organizations that eventually led to a full-time position. It was at that time that What Now Academy was birthed. The network, catered towards college-level juniors and seniors, provides knowledge about essential topics that typically go unaddressed in the traditional college setting as well as access to thriving professionals, relevant resources, and a community of individuals that are navigating or have navigated a similar stage of life. She and I have now been friends and great supporters of each other for almost 10 years now! On January 24, 2018, Monica will share her list of great books that help you get your life all the way together! You can connect with her via instagram @thewhatnowco @iammonicamickle


Meet Brittany Jett, the creator of JourneyOnJett.com, a lifestyle blog that challenges others to live with intention and walk in their truth. When she not writing, Jett can be found being of service to her community by organizing a host of fundraisers, events, and donation campaigns in honor of her mother Tiffany "Toy" Greer. Many of the fundraisers help provide those in need with books, toiletries, toys for the holidays, and coats in the winter just to name a few. Jett and I met through our mutual friend (and guest contributor) Jordane a few years ago and we have grown and maintained our own friendship since then. On January 31, 2018, Jett will share with us how beneficial it is to grow with intention.You can connect with Brittany Jett via Instagram @journey_on_jett