The Outcome of Growing Into Yourself

Written By Brittany Jett

Do we ever truly grow into ourselves or is this an ongoing process? Do we ever stop looking to be what we aren’t just yet and accept who we are right now is exactly who we’re supposed to be? Growing into the woman I am right here, right now (because knowing me tomorrow I’ll be changing, growing and changing some more LOL) has required grace, patience, constant forgiveness, and self-love. I have spent a lot of my 20’s unlearning what people have placed on me about who they think I should be and taking my power back and declaring for myself who I want to be, and who I believe I was created to be. I remember hearing a speech by Michelle Obama a couple of years ago and one particular piece has stuck with me on my self-discovery journey, “Decide what kind of woman you want to be and practice being her every day until it becomes who you are, and start over as many times as you need to.” Powerful right? As for me I’m constantly growing, changing, reinventing and refreshing myself day after day and I’ve accepted the beauty of constant change and growth and not rushing to become this end result person. I believe we will be forever growing until we are gone and that has been one of my main outcomes of growing into myself, embracing the process and accepting my desire for constant change and betterment all while celebrating where I am in the moment.

Growing into oneself is a beautiful journey but it can also be ugly, uncomfortable, hard and frustrating. We live in a time where we are constantly told that being who we are isn’t enough, we are told we need to add more to our bodies or subtract to be considered beautiful, we need to have this amount of money, success, and materials to be happy or wealthy, we need to look like we have it all together even if we don’t to be praised or supported, we need to travel every month to be truly living or we need to be social media famous to be worthy. Like most, I have dealt with struggling to identify myself, fall in love with myself as I am, and accept the things about myself that can’t be changed and work on the things that I have the power to make anew.

I began an intentional journey of self-discovery about 4 years ago after graduating college. This was a time when I was supposed to have it all figured out, so I thought, but it was the time where I knew absolutely nothing about myself or my purpose on this earth. The first thing I remember wanting, desiring and craving was an intimate relationship with God, like knowing him for myself as an adult woman and experiencing him on a new level in hopes of finding me in the midst of connecting to the source. That’s when I began to discover me and planted myself in who I wanted to be. A woman of intention and mindful living, my main goal was to take control of my life and be present in each moment. I wanted to be a woman of integrity, kindness, love, positivity and all around good vibes and energy, every time a person encounters me my goal is for them to leave happier than they came. The greatest gift I’ve gained since growing into myself is grace for others and me and patience. The outcome of growing into myself is accepting the fact that its constant, never-ending and that I’ll forever be growing and evolving as long as I’m living intentionally. Each day I set out to be one thing and then I discover a new thing about myself that I may love or not love and it causes me to grow some more.

Your perspective and optimism as you grow into who you want to be is key.

Even when it looks bad or like its never-ending find the good in something about yourself exactly where you are on your journey. I think what trips us up is constantly focusing on the outcome or finish line of who we believe in our head we’re supposed to be, versus realizing self-growth and change is a never-ending journey, and when we began to embrace our unique process as a gift we will truly see ourselves for the beautiful individual we are, fall in love with our story and own who we’ve come, celebrate where we are and show love and appreciation for where we’ve been. Growth is a gift that keeps on giving. This requires triumphs, trials, wins, losses, heart warmers, and heartaches, which all mold and shape me into who I am at this present moment, and how I choose to see myself is the outcome of how I embrace my growth journey. My outcome of growing into myself has been to take everything I go through as a lesson learned and know that it is all connected to the plan God has for me in the end. I can plan, recreate and become myself over and over again, but I take joy in knowing that Gods plan for me is greater and I am already who I am and all the answers, desires, questions I seek are already within. We all come equipped and whole, and now as I grow I’m discovering new parts of me, outgrowing old parts of me and creating who I want to be every day. It takes practice and intentional commitment. Self-growth won’t be perfect or easy but it's yours uniquely. Each day I make a choice to choose me intentionally, accept me and work at being my best self and if I fail or fall I wake up the next day with grace and intention to do it all over again.