Concrete Jungle

Written by Dor Ameir

“In New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made of, there’s nothing you can’t do”

As Jay Z and Alicia Keys New York State of Mind blasted through my ears, I stepped out my Uber into my new life in Brooklyn. Eager to shed away the drama of the Midwest I changed my home location on Facebook and carried my 6 bags (of clothes of course) up a 4-floor walkup in Flatbush. I had arrived and it was my time to show this city exactly what I could do.  I had already secured a position as a Visual Merchandiser in SoHo but still had a little time before the position started. So like any 24 year old who just landed in New York, I decided to explore my new home with my best friend who stayed for a week to help me settle in.  Our first night in New York was filled with dancing, getting invited into someone’s VIP areas and pizza. Everything just felt right. 

My first month in New York was a blast. I was able to meet new people, go out to various places and even called myself having a “boo”. What can I say…. Everything in New York moves so fast and with so many beautiful men and women around me it was only a matter of time before I found someone to occupy my time. You see out of my friends I was the professionally single one. I had curved off potential boos left and right, too focused on my goals to even bat an eye. This was different though. I was in New York City and I just knew I would find my creative soul mate. I opened my heart up and began dating and at first, it was great. I went into full Disney Princess mode and let my heart guide me through dating in your 20’s. Of course I had to kiss a couple of frogs, but I just knew I would find somebody. Oh was I wrong. Most people don’t realize that even though you are getting a fresh start somewhere, the baggage that was already placed in that city would soon become yours. Dating soon turned into the pure nightmare I assumed it would be. I now had to deal with drug abusers, liars, and con artist. Thank the lord my mother raised me right or I would have easily fallen into the wrong person's arms. It wasn’t all bad though. I have had some wonderful dates that you could compare to a romance flick. For a short time, I was lost in the bliss of it all. That would all soon change. 

A year later, I slipped out of the nostalgic daze New York had placed on me. It was time to focus on my goals and leave all of the pettiness aside. I placed dating on the back-burner and soon found a new way to occupy my time. I started Interning for people I thought would place my career in the right direction. Mind you that the word intern in New York basically meant “unpaid servant” and I found it valuable to really step out the comfort of my Visual Merchandising background and show the city what a future Creative Director was made of. Over the next 6 months, I had found myself working my ass off. I was able to find an opportunity to work with real creatives who had made a small stamp on the New York Scene. I walked into showrooms of designers who I had only read about in vogue. I worked my first fashion show and felt at ease knowing that my membership in Picture Perfect Modeling Troupe had prepared me for the challenge. I was living the “Devil Wears Prada” fantasy that I had always dreamed of.  I started making a connection with other people and found a community of creatives who were all out here hustling to get to the top. After a year of working full time and interning it finally happened! I had finally gained enough experience in New York to build a resume that was actually worth looking at. I was presented with the opportunity to become a Personal Stylist and Showroom Coordinator.  Overwhelmed with emotion, I announced to the world that Dor Ameir had arrived. Yes, it came with problems; from having my building sold from under me, to trying to afford this lavish New York lifestyle. There were many days of tears, sweat, and desperation, but this struggle only made me stronger.


I have only one message for a person out there scared to go for their dreams. Suck it up and do it!!! You only have one life to live. One chance to show who you are and what you are made of. Don’t waste it living in fear, settling for something you know will not make you happy. If a boy from little old Wisconsin can do it so can you! Be Original, Be Colorful, Be Creative!!!!!!!