Meet Nadia: Host and Mother

Being a Mom is Full Time job all by itself, so I can only imagine the overflowing schedule of Mom in Business interviewee, Nadia Simone. Nadia is the Creator and Host of theNsider, a multi-media brand that serves to encourage, inspire, and entertain others through sharing positive stories about amazing people in the Chicago area! She is  also a mother to her adorable daughter Jayda who will be 6 by the time you read this!

When Nadia first learned that she would become a mother, she was completely shocked! She was a junior in college at the time and wasn’t even thinking of having children. “I was still a child honestly” she shared when explaining how she was mostly scared of what her parents would think and say. As of today she is truly thankful for Jayda and couldn’t imagine life without her. Nadia owes much of her fuel for success to her daughter.

Out of all of her daughter’s admirable qualities, Nadia wishes she had Jayda’s tenacity! At just five years old,  Jayda knows exactly what she wants, let’s the world know, and keeps at it until she gets what she wants.

On rough days when it looks like things aren’t working out as they should, Nadia draws her strength from God. She also keeps the thought of her daughter and how much she needs her at the top of her mind. She wants to set a great example for her while also being transparent. She admits that she has broken down in front of Jayda on one occasion:

“she’s just the sweetest kid, she tells me “it’ll be ok mommy, don’t cry.” Of course that makes me cry more!”

It’s moments like this, that motivate Nadia to dry her tears and make things happen for them both!

When asked about her life outside of motherhood Nadia jokingly responds:

“There’s a life outside of motherhood?” hahaha!

She shared that she spends much of her free time working on her brand and working her day job. I’m telling you Nadia is booked to capacity haha! She even makes time to spend with friends and believes that having that balance keeps her from becoming overwhelmed.

Nadia’s biggest hope for Jayda is that she is able to grow and live up to her full potential. She wants her to continue being the loving girl she is and to always know her worth! Nadia also hopes that Jayda knows that whatever endeavor she chooses in has her full support.

“I’ll be right there like yess, that’s my baby”

Nadia’s advice to other Mom’s in Business is to not get so caught up in your business that it consumes your life. She knows the importance of family time and urges other mom’s to invest in their child(ren) and to not allow them to think you are too busy for them. When creating the balance between business and home life, Nadia feels that creating a schedule that works best for her helps a ton. She strongly believes that you shouldn’t put your dreams of hold because you are a mother and she lives by the phrase “Anything is possible”

If you are interested in connecting with Nadia or learning more about the Nsider, check out her website, and watch some of her past interviews on YouTube. She can also be found on both Instagram and Facebook

Leilani Howell