Meet Mayowa: Lash Boss and Mother

   In a world of social media, it’s easy to look at someone else’s life from the outside and assume that they have it all figured out. My great friend Mayowa knows this all too well! Mayowa is Co-owner of  The Lash Boss Academy, a studio that not only services their clients with gorgeous individual eyelash extensions, but also serves to educate and train other beauty professionals to be their own bosses in the industry. She’s not only an entrepreneur, but she’s also an amazing Mother to her 10 month old daughter MJ!

    Although she seems to be a pro at the mom life, Mayowa was both scared and excited when she first learned she’d become a mother. She didn’t shy away from her new life journey, but instead said to herself “Challenge Accepted” and from that moment, she realized life wasn’t about her anymore. Her whole life changed!

    Mayowa is known to many as a Lash Boss and rightfully so. But if she could possess any of her daughter’s many qualities, it would definitely be her innocence! Just the thought of her little Ladybug MJ and the goals that she’s set, are enough to get her through any rough day.

    Being a mother and a businesswoman are Mayowa’s top priorities. Although she makes it look easy, Mayowa feels that besides business, she doesn’t really have a life outside of being a mother. She is devoted to the care of MJ and building her empire which takes up the majority of her life.

    Mayowa’s ultimate hope for baby MJ is that she lives a free life! A life where she is confident and fearless. She advises other mothers that are managing businesses and homelife to “Take the help that is offered”. She knows how is it is to get overwhelmed juggling it all, so she suggests using services like online grocery shopping, dry cleaning, or even a nanny who is able to to watch your child/children and help with housework. She has testified that these things have brought peace to her mind and has allowed her to work on other things.

    I’m not a mother, but I find Motherhood to be extremely empowering. I’m so thankful to know and interview such an awesome person like Mayowa!

If her story has inspired you, let her know on Facebook or Instagram and if you are interested in all the offerings of The Lash Boss Academy, visit her site and let her know I sent you!