Imagine Me

During the holiday season, it is so so easy to get caught up in all the material things that you want, don't have, or have to buy for others. Commercial after commercial is pulling you this and that way and by the time Christmas gets here, YOU'RE POOPED! Just thinking about it gives me unwanted anxiety.

For this very reason, I like to deeply reflect on my year and take note of all the areas in my life that could use special attention. What did I slack on? What did I do well that I should continue? What should I add now? I call it my Non-Tangible Wishlist

I invite you to join me and create a wish list of wants and needs that can't be bought but only learned and practiced! We're in this together!

Here's mine:


To remember that even if I fail, I'm not a failure

Confidence to Stand Up for Me

Nip negativity in the bud, no matter where or who it's coming from

Financial Discipline

Stick to my savings goals and eliminate unnecessary spending

Miraculous Transformation

Continue to give God something to work with by doing my part

Intense Time Management

Buckle down on how I spend my time and what I spend it on

Free from Self-Sabotage

Stop getting in my own way and not allow fear to cripple me

Unshakable Peace

Keep a clutter-free mind and remain peaceful in all situations

Childlike Faith

Beleive that what is For me will happen, reardless of my current situation