That's a No No

There are many factors that go into a stylish look! A conversation worthy outfit combo (check); that handbag you can finally afford from Nordstrom (check); and the perfect hairstyle to tie it all in (check). It would be a shame if this super bomb ensemble is overlooked because you made one of these common mistakes.

Not Wearing the Proper Undergarments

In my opinion, this is the most important of them all! Visible bra straps, panty lines, and the decision to forgo shapewear makes it hard for someone to admire your attire. The appropriate undergarments are a major key to ensuring a flawless look! Check out this article from Daily Worth on 12 Essential Undergarments Every Woman Should Own and see if you're on the right track to Flawlessness!

Ill Fitting Garments

Knowing your size can make or break a look. The fit of a garment communicates not only the dress code of where you are going but it can reveal whether or not you are comfortable in it. Believe it or not, the notation of “All in the name of Fashion”  does not apply when everyone can clearly see the third button on your blouse is about to pop at any moment! Don’t be afraid to get the next size up because it can honestly elevate your look by a thousand!

Wearing All Your Faves at One Time

This is the most common Fashion Faux Pas that I have seen thus far. Don’t get me wrong, I am the #1 advocate for self-expression in all artistic realms, but wearing multiple statement pieces at once can make the wrong statement. Wearing a crystal embellished crossbody handbag while rocking shoes that mimic its glitz can definitely work. By narrowing your bold statement pieces down to no more than two at a time, you can control what areas of your outfit attract the eye versus giving off Las Vegas Strip Vibes. Less is more!

Wrinkled Clothing

Now I know this should be a given, but up until a year ago, I didn’t bother to follow this one. There was a time where if it needed to be ironed, dry cleaned or steamed it just wouldn’t be worn. To eliminate even having wrinkled items in my closet, I now set aside the pieces that need special attention to either hang right away to avoid wrinkles or lay on the ironing board to be pressed. It’s a pain in the butt, but it cuts out any chances of you blindly grabbing something from your closet and not noticing its wrinkled until you arrive at your destination!

Rocking Heels You Can’t Walk In

We have to do practice laps in our heels at the store and around the house before we show our babies to the public! It's nothing worse than seeing a fellow fashionista rocking her 6-inch beauties and stumbling across the floor because she doesn’t even wear heels. I’m sorry ladies, but we have to be honest with ourselves. Don’t wait until you get to a venue to realize the shoes were a mistake!

Lack of Confidence

When it comes to a casual slay, confidence is the first thing that others see! From the way you enter a room to how you continue to carry yourself throughout the night, you are sending indirect signals about yourself to the people you are around. To ensure confidence, make sure that you are absolutely sure about your outfit choice. When we are unsure, we tend to tug at our clothes repeatedly and display the posture of someone who is insecure. This is not to say runway walk into every event you attend, but make sure your body language reads QUEEN!