Staycation by the Mood

According to recent studies, the average vacation expense per person in the United States is $1,145. Average!!! These stats don’t add up with the funds that are currently in my bank account, and I know I’m not alone! I love to travel and I will shell out the big bucks, but not for every vacation. One of the reasons I started Let Lei Be Lei was to shed light on the newness of life! I want my audience to know that you don’t have to spend a ton of money to enjoy life. There are many fun and new ways to explore the lay of the land without breaking the bank!

Have you ever been on a Staycation? “What’s that?” I am glad you asked! A staycation is a vacation or holiday that you spend at home, in your city, or within driving distance from your residence. You could take a day trip and return home to your bed at night, or even stay overnight in the tourist area of your city for a mini-getaway. You can literally customize your trip to match the travel mood that you’re in. This weekend I’ll be going on a Staycation/Roadtrip with my besties and I’m so excited for it! This trip will be a smorgasbord of events and activities, so before I get wrapped up in all the fun, I want to share some ways to get you staycation ready ASAP!

I want to share with you some awesome Staycation Itineraries per your travel mood, but first here are some tips to ensure that you will get the most out of your Staycation!

Know your calendar and work schedule

It is ideal to plan your trip on the weekends or consecutive off days! Know what Holidays or Observances that you will have off from work and plan a mini-vacay over a long weekend.

Only use PTO if needed

When planning a staycation, utilize days that are already free. Refrain from using Paid Time Off unless you absolutely need to. Those benefits are best spent on a full out vacation.

Browse the web for events/activities before hand

More than likely, if your Staycation is during a holiday weekend, it is easy to find things to do to load up your agenda. Whether it be a festival or holiday themed happy hour, look online for things to do before you leave and set the tone for your trip!

Stuff your days with an agenda or NOT

If checking things off your list is important to you, plan your staycation by the hour. Make sure that the limited time you have is being utilized to your liking. Orrrrrrr… NOT! Take every day in stride. Use your time to stumble upon different sites.It’s your trip, do it how you want to.

Split the costs

Grab your friends and make this thing a group trip. Not only will you have fun traveling with your girls, but you would essentially lower the costs of gas and lodging.

Now that you have the tips and keys you need to get the most out of your vacation, check out these 5 Staycation Itineraries for 5 different types of travelers

The Solo Traveler: The Traveler who wants to get out of their comfort zone

  • Stay
    • For Solo Travel, I would recommend at hotel with a full selection of amenities. Don't stay cooped up in your suite, go to the lobby bar and make friends during Happy Hour 
  • See/Do
    • Go on a Guided or Self Guided Tour. Enjoy seeing the sights without fear of going out alone
  • Eat
    • Don't just grab food and head back to the hotel, make reservations at a dinner and show style venue. You can connect with those at your table and get a show in while you dine!

The Explorer: The Traveler who wants to see it all

  • Stay
    • Make sure to pick a hotel or Airbnb in a poppin' area so you can head right out into the happenings of the city
  • See/Do
    • Hike a trail with a bomb view or take a trip to a little known museum in your area. Do something for the first time!
  • Eat
    • Don't bother checking reviews. Take a walk and eat at the first packed house you see

The Foodie: The Traveler who wants to fill their plate

  • Stay
    • Stay at a hotel that has a highly rated dining experience and go CRAZY!
  • See/Do
    • Attend a tasting or restaurant grand opening and indulge in exclusive culinary delights. If you want to keep it simple, you could also find an outdoor festival and taste all the local digs
  • Eat
    • To get the most out of you staycation, eat at a different place for each course of your meal. Appetizers here and desserts there!

The Relaxation Seeker: The Traveler who just needs to unwind

  • Stay
    • Staying at home would be ideal for you. Soak in your safe space without feeling like you have to keep up with an agenda
  • See/Do
    • Visit a Day Spa and send your body into the ultimate Zen. If that's not enough, take a boat ride and reflect on your thoughts that often get overlooked
  • Eat
    • Order in and take the stresses of cooking or leaving your comfortable space off your plate

The Party Animal: The Traveler who wants to live in the moment

  • Stay
    • Honestly if you're partying, you won't spend much time in your room so anywhere with Uber access is your friend
  • See/Do
    • Search Eventbrite for themed parties or music festival to feed your inner dancehall queen. There is always a bar crawl or party happening, especially around a holiday
  • Eat
    • Do your research on the best brunch spots for your buck. Make sure you load up on good food and bottomless mimosas!

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